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Use these resources to get to know Xello K-5. Check out Xello Academy where you can complete short courses helping you roll Xello out to your students. Or follow along with one of our short video playlists.

Xello Academy

Explore Xello with confidence. Use Xello Academy's on-demand courses to get oriented in Xello. Get key first step resources to ensure you’re prepared to launch Xello to your students.

  • knowledge baseXello Academy
    Xello Academy for Xello K-5Are you an elementary school educator new to Xello K-5? Get to know the program, explore how it works, and access key resources.


Not interested in reading? Want a quick, high-level understanding of how some of the features work? Then buckle in and watch one of our short videos.

  • pdfVideo Playlist
    Video PlaylistXello Elementary Educators

    Visit this playlist to watch short videos on key features in Educator Tools in Xello.

  • pdfVideo Playlist
    Video PlaylistXello for Families

    Share this playlist with parents and guardians to introduction them to Xello Family and give them a walkthrough on how to use their account to view student work.