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These activities can be used to introduce and build on activities in Xello as they begin to forge their pathway to future-readiness. While we have provided recommended grade levels for the activities, they can be modified to suit your students' needs and interests.

We endorse a blended learning approach to career/life skills lessons through:

  • Linking curriculum learning to career/life learning
  • Responsiveness to the interests and needs of individual students.
  • Bringing experiences of different workplaces either to the classroom through guest visits or field trips.

In addition to the suggested classroom extension activity ideas that reinforce students’ understanding of the career paths, we recommend supporting Xello K-2 learning objectives with the implementation of Xello’s supplementary in-class activities designed to promote career/life learning.

The activities are organized into four core concepts:

Investigation and inquiry These activities help foster students’ natural curiosity and promote development of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and inquiry skills. The activities also underscore the detective motif in Xello K-2 and bring it into the classroom.
About me Through these activities, students explore and identify their likes and dislikes, feelings, strengths and abilities, interests, and character traits. Students will recognize that these are important factors that make them special, contributing to an overall sense of positive self-concept. The activities also serve as an effective launch point for future investigation into their opportunities and career/life planning.
Me and my community These activities encourage students to engage in their communities (school and neighborhood) and develop the skills, knowledge, and behaviors to be responsible and contributing citizens.
Career/life skills vocabulary These activities introduce students to key career/life skills vocabulary and concepts.

We provide recommended grade levels for the activities, but all activities can be modified to suit your students’ needs and interests. Students can document what they are discovering about themselves and the opportunities they are investigating, through pictures, audio files, videos, other documents in their My files portfolio.

For more information, and to learn how Xello K-2 aligns with ASCA, check out Extension activities vertical plan for Xello K-2

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Investigation and inquiry

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ID card

About me

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Me and my community

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Career/life skills vocabulary

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