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Planning for life after high school can feel overwhelming and many students need a helping hand to get started. Goals in Xello is a way to teach students about how to begin the process of goal-setting and give them the confidence to plan for their futures. Students can learn about different types of goals, set practical steps to achieve them, and reflect on their goals to see how they connect to larger plans.

In the meantime, educators gain valuable insights that support their students’ success.

Xello 6-12 Goals recording

With our Xello 6-12 goal-setting tool, students can better prepare for their futures — whatever that may look like. In this session, we'll walk through how students set realistic goals, create actionable to-do lists to help them stay on track, and how you can support their goal progress within Xello.

This session will cover:

  • Updates and improvements to Goals & Plans
  • Reviewing and tracking students' Goals
  • Involving parents and guardians in their child's short and long term goals
  • Key resources to support goal setting and achievement

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Students and Goals

When planning for the future, not all plans need to be long-term and revolve around postsecondary education. Goals in Xello help students set goals that may not revolve around career and education.

Students access the Goals feature by clicking Plans in the top navigation.

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Once they click Set a goal, they give their goal a title. Then they choose one of eight different categories their goal fits into. If they're not sure, or if they'd like to view an example, they can click Not sure? Learn about these options. to read more.

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Next, they choose a timeframe for when they plan to complete the goal. They can choose less than a year or longer.

The next page suggests three tasks to help them achieve their goal. These tasks can be removed or added.

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Once the goal has been created, they can go back in and review or edit it. They can change the timeframe, edit the task list, and add notes to record their ongoing progress.

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Finally, when they've marked their goal as complete, they celebrate with a confetti blast! And of course, a chance to reflect on what they learned while completing the goal.

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Educators and Goals

In your educator account, run reports to see how many students have set a goal. Reports you can run based on Goals are:

  • Goals by student
  • Goals by grade
  • Goals by category

Or, educators can view a student's plan to check out their to-do list, what pathway they chose, and how committed they are to the plan.

View a student's Goal

View a student's completed Goals on their profile page.

To view a student's complete Goals:

  1. In the search bar located at the top of any page in your educator account, enter the student's name or ID.
    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
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    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
    tipTip: Alternatively, from the left menu, click Students and select Student list to browse the full list of students.
  2. Click on the student's name. The About student tab of their profile opens.
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    pointer hovering over search bar
  3. Click on the Goals & plans tab to see their goals.
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  4. Click on a goal to check out what the student entered.

Run a report on student Goals

To run a report on students' Goals:

  1. From your educator account, click Reports and select Student work.
    left menu open in educator account. Report dropdown open and Student work being selected
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    left menu open in educator account. Report dropdown open and Student work being selected
  2. In the Goals card, click Select report and choose which report you'd to like to view.
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    • Once you've selected a report to view, from the top left of the list, click the dropdown to select a different Goals report.

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Delivering Goals in the classroom

Use the below resources to help you implement the Goals feature in the classroom face-to-face, online, or in a blended learning environment.

Xello activity lesson plan

To get students started, the My goals lesson will help you successfully introduce the Goals feature to your students. Get your students ready to set their own goals with discussion prompts, reflection activities, and teaching strategies.

This standalone lesson will take about 25-30 minutes and includes:

  • Inquiry prompts
  • Tips for preparing to teach the lesson
  • Teaching strategies
  • Step-by-step guidance for assisting students in setting a goal
  • A discussion prompt for students to complete in a Xello assignment
  • pdfActivity Lesson Plan
    Activity Lesson PlanMy goals

Student walkthrough

Share this quick walkthrough about Goals & Plans to help introduce the basics to your students. Share it in an Assignment or message the link to you student groups in Xello.

  • pdfGuide
    GuideGoals & Plans - walkthrough
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