Introducing Career Town to students

userEducator Xello productXello K-2 Time2 minutes

The adventure that students embark on in Xello K-2 is a non-violent mystery that underlines not only the variety of work and workers in a community, but the importance of every worker in a community.

Workers around Career Town have disappeared from their jobs, causing chaos. They are unharmed, but they have been lured away by Ernestine McNohire, who plans to build her own community on the moon. It’s up to your students to save the day!

Students are encouraged to explore the 6 locations on the Career Town map to collect clues to figure out what Ernestine is up to and where she is hiding the workers. While investigating each location, students also:

  • Learn about career paths and the variety of occupation options available to workers
  • Complete reflection activities

Xello K-2 content supports around 3 hours of play, or 7 x 20 minutes sessions per grade. Students can return to the program and replay the mini-games as often as they want.

When you're ready to introduce Career Town to your students, use these resources to help roll it out before they begin. Show the short video and walk them through the handout so they know what to expect and get them excited to begin!

For students who speak Spanish as a first language, play the Spanish version of the video and distribute and walk through the Spanish handout.


  • short videoShort Video
    Short VideoTrouble in Career Town!

    Share or show this short video with your students before they begin to help get them excited to get started!

  • pdfPDF
    PDFIntroducing Career Town handout

    Use this short guide to help walk your students through the key features in the Career Town game.