Lessons pacing guide

userEducator Xello productXello 3-5 Time2 minutes

For Xello 3-5, Xello Lessons are titled Missions for students. This pacing guide is meant to simplify your experience with Xello Lessons and supplementary resources. Topics for each grade level are sequenced for you, so that you can see at a glance the order in which to deliver the curriculum, as well as which activities should be completed before others.

This guide aligns with Xello’s recommended Scope and sequence. Of course, your school or district may have its own sequence of lessons for you to follow. Either way, this pacing guide aims to serve as a resource. If your lesson sequence is different, use the index at the end of this guide to locate the lesson topic and supporting resources.

Most Xello Missions require students to complete prerequisite activities to unlock the lesson. These must be completed by students in order to fully engage in Xello Missions. In this guide, you may see the same prerequisite listed multiple times in one grade level. As long as your students have completed it once that year, there is no need to do it again (unless students would like to revisit that activity or update their profiles!)