Plans in Xello 6-12
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Xello's Plans supports every student, no matter where they're headed after graduation. Learn how students use Xello to create actionable plans that reflect their own unique path, and how flexibility allows for growth and change along with the student.

Prepare students for the future with Plans

Use this video to learn about the benefits of creating a flexible, actionable plan in Xello, and how students are supported in any future path.

Prepare for your future with Plans
TipTip: Share this short video with your students. Link to it on their dashboard Resources, place it in an Assignment, or message the link to your student groups in Xello. This video is also available in Spanish new tab.

Feature event: All students, all pathways

Learn how Xello's Plans tool will help all students create actionable and attainable plans for after high school.

In this recording, you'll learn:

  • Updates and improvements to Goals & plans
  • Reviewing and tracking students' Plans
  • Involving parents and guardians in their child's after high school plans
  • Key resources to support successful post-secondary planning

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Students and Plans

Not all students want to head straight into a four-year college program. That's where Plans in Xello comes in. With different pathways such as apprenticeships, going straight to work, joining the military, or college or university, all students can feel prepared for what happens next.

Students access the Plans feature by clicking Plans in the top navigation.

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The first page when they begin creating a plan has students picking a starting option. There are nine different pathways for them to choose from. Some of these pathways may be ones they've never considered, or even heard of before! But all of these pathways have students thinking critically about their own unique future.

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A helpful Not sure? Learn about this option link will open a menu to the side where they'll get a brief explanation, plus a chance to read a full profile of the pathway. They'll be able to watch a short video, view sample careers typical to that pathway, and view any finances or education required.

Once they've selected a pathway, they'll be prompted to think of their first to-do tasks. Xello provides three to begin with and students have the option to remove any.

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Finally, once the plan is created, students can add more information and details, including more to-do tasks, careers related to their plan, alternate pathways, and any notes.

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Educators and Plans

In your educator account, run reports to see how your students are building their plans and which pathways your students are leaning more towards. Reports you can run based on Plans are:

  • Plans by student
  • Plans by grade
  • Plans by pathway

Or, educators can view a student's plan to check out their to-do list, what pathway they chose, and how committed they are to the plan.

View a student's plan

View completed student plans on the student's profile page, in the About student tab.

To view a student's complete plans:

  1. In the search bar located at the top of any page in your educator account, enter the student's name or ID.
    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
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    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
    tipTip: Alternatively, from the left menu, click Students and select Student list to browse the full list of students.
  2. Click on the student's name. The About student tab of their profile opens.
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    pointer hovering over search bar
  3. Click on the Goals & plans tab to see their saved plans.
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  4. Click on a plan to view the Plan preview.

Run reports on student plans

To run a report on students' Plans:

  1. From your educator account, click Reports and select Student work.
    left menu open in educator account. Report dropdown open and Student work being selected
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    left menu open in educator account. Report dropdown open and Student work being selected
  2. In the Plans card, click Select report and choose which report you'd to like to view.
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    • Once you've selected a report to view, from the top left of the list, click the dropdown to select a different plans report

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Delivering Plans in the classroom

Check out these resources to help you implement the Plans feature in the classroom face-to-face, online, or in a blended learning environment.

Xello activity lesson plan

To get students started, the My plans lesson will help you successfully roll out Plans to your students with discussion prompts, reflection activities, and teaching strategies.

This standalone lesson will take about 30-40 minutes and includes:

  • Inquiry prompts
  • Tips for preparing to teach the lesson
  • Teaching strategies
  • Step-by-step guidance for assisting students in creating a plan
  • A discussion prompt for students to complete in a Xello assignment
  • pdfActivity Lesson Plan
    Activity Lesson PlanMy plans

Instructional plan

For a more robust, multi-lesson experience, the Planning for the future instructional plan will round out how students explore post-secondary pathways and develop plans in Xello. By implementing this lesson plan, your students will consider how they can prepare for the future, even if they're unsure what they want to do. They'll consider different pathways they can take toward a plan for the future and which ones are a best fit for them.

This Instructional plan can be broken up into four standalone lessons or one extended 60-80 minute lesson. It includes the components of the My plans lesson above, as well as: 

  • Learning objectives
  • Future-ready skills and vocabulary
  • Student-facing instructions
  • pdfInstructional Plan
    Instructional PlanPlanning for the future

Student walkthrough

Share this quick walkthrough about Goals & Plans to help introduce the basics to your students. Share it in an Assignment or message the link to you student groups in Xello.

  • pdfGuide
    GuideGoals & Plans - walkthrough