Common App annual tasks

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As a Xello Administrator for your district, the end of college application season means it’s time to take steps to wrap up this year and start planning for the next!

Each year, Common App resets student data in the summer before the new application season opens on August 1st. All counselors and recommenders should make sure all student forms are submitted and reports run before Common App shuts down on July 27th, 2023.

This guide will walk you through the tasks you need to complete before and after the reset happens. Use the Wind down and Start up pages to print and check off your list of important tasks. Each section includes steps and further links on how to complete the tasks, resources you can share with educators and counselors, and resources they can share with students.

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    PDFCommon App annual tasks

    Download this guide for tasks to complete before and after Common App reset begins on July 27.

TipTip: To learn more about all things related to Common App, including how to set up a counselor or teacher profile, how to run reports, and how students use Common App, check out our Common App in Xello Knowledge base articles.