Video resources overview

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Use short videos to inspire educators using Xello, guide students’ learning, or introduce Xello to families. Xello’s curated YouTube playlists are a great place to find and share Xello’s video resources.

Check out some of our curated videos below.

  • short videoYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistEducators and Xello 6-12

    Share this playlist with educators to get them started with Xello. Watch short videos on key features in your educator account in Xello.

  • short videoYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistXello Elementary educators

    Learn about Xello Elementary with these short videos. Get an introduction to Xello K-2 and Xello 3-5.

  • short videoYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistXello for Families

    Use this playlist to introduce Xello Family to educators, and parents/guardians.

  • pdfYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistXello 6-12 students

    Share this playlist with your students to help them quickly learn the ins and outs of key Xello features.