How students add a personal email address

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Having an email address in Xello will help students easily recover their own username and password, and to view notifications. While your school may have uploaded students' school email addresses into the system, it's recommended that a student add their personal email to Xello before graduation. This will allow them to reset their own password and grant them access to Xello once single sign-on (SSO) with their high school is no longer accessible.

How students add a personal email address:

  1. On any page in Xello, from the top right corner, students click their avatar to open a menu.
  2. From the menu, they click Account to open their profile details.
  3. In the Personal section, students click the Add email address link to insert their personal email address.
    • A validation email is sent to the newly added address.
  4. Once the student validates their personal email address, it becomes the primary address for notifications from Xello.
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FYIFYI: When a student requests to reset their password, the email will go to both their school and personal email addresses.