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Xello has partnered with National Student Clearinghouse to provide you with reports that gauge the college success of your graduates. View up to eight previous years' worth of graduation classes in your reports to help you understand how your high school is performing in college enrollment, whether your graduates get a degree, how long it takes them, and so much more. The reports can then be broken down by demographic and academic criteria, giving you multiple in-depth perspectives on the success of your high school graduates.

StudentTracker® Reports are the leading source of college enrollment and graduation rates in the US. Over 3,600 public and private colleges and universities regularly provide their student enrollment and graduation data to National Student Clearinghouse. In turn, National Student Clearinghouse updates their data in April, August and November, providing you with the most extensive and recent reports on college success available.

The data can be returned in several different reports depending on the information provided to National Student Clearinghouse. For districts who opt in with 2 or more high schools, the reports can be run at the district level. If your school or district opts to provide demographic and academic data, basic aggregate reports will then be split and displayed by demographic or academic elements. For districts who opt in with 2 or more high schools, the reports can be viewed at either the district or high school level. Examples of some of the basic reports include:

  • How many students enrolled in the fall right after graduation
  • How many of those students returned for a second year
  • Whether students stay in-state or go out-of-state for college
  • Do they attend a two-year or four-year school
  • Top 25 most commonly attended institutions

Use this information to see how your graduating classes compare with one another and gain insight into patterns with enrollment and degrees achieved. Assess your college preparation efforts and measure whether your students are set up for success in their post-secondary institutions. Personalize the college application process with your students by sharing most commonly attended institutions in and out of state, and whether previous graduates attended two- or four-year colleges.

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How to Upload a StudentTracker® Request

noteNote: Only users with Administrative Access can input and submit the data for report returns. Users with Administrative Access or User Level access will be able to download the reports. For more information on permission levels, check out Educator permissions.

To fill out and upload a StudentTracker® request:

  1. The student data will need to be input into an Excel file template. Download this Excel file template new tab.
  2. From your school's Student Information System (SIS), retrieve the necessary graduate data to fill out the template.
  3. In the Excel file template, using the data from your SIS, fill out one data row per student.
    • You must fill out columns A-I.
    • You have the option to include demographic data by filling out columns J-N.
    • You have the option to include academic data by filling out columns O-U.
    • For more information on specific file formatting, check out File Structure Notes.
  4. Once you've inputted every student data row, save it as an .xlsx file in a memorable location to access for uploading.
  5. In Xello, from your Educator Account, click Reports and select Student Tracker.
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  6. Click Upload Request and choose the file you just saved.
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  7. Click Done.
    • It may take up to 10 days for larger files to be parsed and returned, or if there is a higher than normal request volume.
    • Once the report has been processed and is available, you will receive an email with a link to sign in and download the reports.