How Students Share their Profile

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In Xello, students have the option to generate a shareable link to their profile, which they can use to connect with friends, mentors, and more. Students can also share this link with their parents, who can then view their child’s profile without needing a username and password.

It's similar to the shareable link option in Google Docs.

noteNote: Your school or district may have opted not to turn this feature on. If this is the case, students will not see the link on their profile.

Enabling the Shareable Profile

There are two ways for students to enable the shareable profile:

  1. On any page in Xello, from the top right corner, students click their avatar and select Share your profile.
    • Or, from beneath their name on the About Me page, students click Share your Profile to open a preview of their shareable profile.
  2. From the top right corner of the profile, students click Share.
  3. From the Share Your Profile window, they switch the toggle to ON.
  4. Students need to confirm that anyone they share the link with will be able to view their profile. If they agree, they click Yes.
  5. Students can copy and share the link with parents or other people with whom the student wants to share their Xello profile.
    noteNote: A unique URL is created when the student turns on the share option. The URL does not exist until that happens. There is no way to access the profile until this link is activated by the student. The student can also turn the link off.

Turn Off the Shareable Profile

If the student has shared the link with someone and no longer wants to allow access to their profile, they can unshare their profile. This will turn the link off for everyone. Previously shared links will no longer be accessible.

To turn off the shareable profile, students follow the same steps as above to switch the toggle to OFF. The change will be immediate.

FYIFYI: If a student turns their profile off and then turns it back on again, a new link will be generated. This is important from a privacy point of view.
How students share their profile

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