Resources for Kansas Educators

Xello’s future readiness model helps meet the standards for Kansas’ Individual Plan of Study (IPS) program. These resources show you how to use Xello to ensure your students are on track and you have what you need to be successful.

Product tours & videos

Check out our on-demand videos to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.

  • Student dashboard feed
    Dashboard Feed overview

    This August, your students will see a new dashboard, designed to look familiar and increase engagement! Checkout this product tour to see how your students get personalized content, videos, and resources that fuel their curiosity.

  • Setting up your work-based learning system in Xello
    hourglassSeptember 2021
  • How students and educators use the Xello Course Planner
    hourglass35 minutes


These downloadable PDF guides provide step-by-step ideas for how to integrate Xello in your schools.

  • PDF
    PDFKansas IPS Scope and Sequence
  • PDF
    PDFKansas Individual Plan of Study and Xello
  • PDF
    PDFUsing Xello to Support the Kansans Can Star Recognition Program
    PDFKSDE IPS One-Page Rubric for reference
    PDFFAQs: Xello's Dashboard Feed

School & district spotlights

Learn more about how Kansas schools and districts are using Xello.

  • How Schools Across Kansas Are Using Xello to Meet Their College and Career Readiness Mandates

    Earlier this year, nine districts in Kansas were recognized for their College and Career Readiness programs, receiving awards in the Kansans Can Star Recognition Program. The common denominator for all nine winners? They all leverage Xello to help their students become future-ready!

  • How Junction City High School Integrated Xello into Its Ambitious College and Career-Planning Curriculum – Even During a Pandemic

    When COVID-19 temporarily shut down Junction City High School’s in-person learning, Xello’s Course Planner became a lifeline for continued future readiness work

  • How Prairie Hills USD Uses Xello to Help Meet Mandate Requirements and Align with the Kansas CAN Competency Framework

    Prairie Hills USD switched from Career Cruising to Xello to give their college and career readiness program a boost.

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