Resources for Pennsylvania Educators

Xello's future readiness model is aligned with the Future Ready PA Index. These resources show you how to use Xello to ensure your students are on track and you have what you need to be successful.


These downloadable PDF guides provide step-by-step ideas for how to integrate Xello in your schools.

  • PDF
    PDFXello and Future Ready PA Index Requirements
  • PDF
    PDFPIMS Reporting with Xello

Boss Bio Activity (5th Grade)

In this activity students will explore the Boss Bio stories in Xello to discover interesting tales about entrepreneurs who invented solutions to commonly known problems, and then imagine solutions to problems they wish they could solve today!

Entrepreneurship Investigation (8th Grade)

In this activity, students will compare and contrast entrepreneurship to traditional employment, list and explain qualities that would make a successful entrepreneur, and describe one idea for a new business, including competition and marketing.

  • Google Doc
    Google DocEntrepreneurship Investigation


Check out our on-demand videos to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.

  • Xello Lesson Sequencing for Pennsylvania Educators
    hourglass45 minutes
  • Spark Career Curiosity with Xello for Elementary
    hourglass60 minutes

Migration Webinars

Making the move to Xello? These live sessions will take you through what you need to know.

  • Using Xello for the Future Ready PA Index and Chapter 339
    hourglass40 minutes
  • Planning your Implementation: Xello Migration for Pennsylvania Leads & Counselors
    hourglass70 minutes
  • Pennsylvania Teachers: Xello in the Classroom
    hourglass60 minutes
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