Building Students' Self Knowledge with Assessments

Xello productXello 6-12 Time48 minutestvRecorded October 2022

When students better understand themselves, they can better understand their career options. Xello’s assessments help students understand how their interests align with career aspects, how well suited careers are to their personality style, and which skills they desire to use in the future. To ensure every student sees how assessments expand their career choices, educators need to be prepared to help students unpack their results.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How students experience assessments in Xello 6-12
  • What research backs assessments in Xello 6 -12
  • Best Practices for completing assessments in Xello
  • Managing, viewing, and reporting Student assessment results

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Additional Resources

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    Short VideoUnderstanding your Career Matches

    Check out and then share this short video with your students to help them understand how they got their career matches, how they can change their answers, and hide their least favorite matches. (also available in Spanish).

  • short videoShort Video
    Short VideoIntroduction to Skills Lab

    Use this video to get a quick introduction to Skills Lab.

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Student AssessmentsThis module will explore how career assessments can help students on their path to self-discovery and introduce careers that are new to them.
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