Future Ready: Empower Students to Share their Work Using Xello Portfolios

Xello productXello 6-12 Time34 mins tvRecorded October 2023

Learn how Xello can be used to help students showcase their work across subjects, while helping them to chart a clearer path to their successful future.

Xello Portfolios can be used across departments to support everything from science projects to talent profiles to work-based learning experiences and more. We will explore how Xello can also be used to support various student initiatives including; post-secondary/scholarship applications, project-based learning, capstone projects and student-led conferences.

While this session will focus mainly on Xello Portfolios, our most popular release of 2023, it will also touch on how our other features work together to help students discover their path and strengthen their applications for their next step(s).

Attend this session to learn more about:

  • Xello’s Portfolios - how educators can engage students across many grades and how students will experience it
  • Key resources, samples and tips to support portfolio building
  • Demo of features: Xello’s Goals and Plans, Xello’s Resume Builder, Work-based learning

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