Xello Reports for Teachers and Counselors

Xello productXello 6-12 Time31 mintvRecorded February 2023

Xello's reports provide insightful information about your students that can help inform and influence how you support and personalize the learning for every student. In this session, we take a deep dive into Xello 6-12 reports to better understand how the work students complete in Xello can be leveraged for your instructional planning, support your relationships with students, and increase your families involvement with their child's future plans. In addition, we'll share tips for monitoring and tracking your students' progress that will give you back time in your day.

noteNote: This session is intended for educators who work directly with students in either a classroom setting or counseling capacity, as well as those who support these educators using Xello.

This session will cover:

  • How to navigate the Student Work and Lessons Reports
  • Tips for monitoring and tracking student activity and Lesson completion
  • Ideas on how Xello's reports can inform student-teacher relationships, instructional planning, and family involvement

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Additional Resources

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