How Students Plan Courses

Xello productXello 6-12 Time44 minutestvRecorded January 2023

This recorded webinar takes you through everything you need to know about Xello's incredibly powerful 4-year Course Planner.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Adding and removing courses
  • Course rules
  • Graduation and specialization tracking
  • Submitting course requests
  • Exemptions and educator overrides
  • Reporting

Additional Resources

  • short videoShort Video
    Short VideoIntroduction to Course Planner

    To see how students use Course Planner in Xello, check out this video and share it with your students.

  • short videoXello Resource
    Xello ResourceRun Reports on Course Planner

    Learn how to run reports to assess your students' progress in planning their four-year courses, their diploma and specialization progress, or quickly see a summary of any alerts in your students' course plans.

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Tips & Tricks with Xello's Course Planner ReportsIn this session, you'll learn reporting strategies to help you identify at-risk students, assess students’ course planning progress, and feel confident students are on track to meet their high school requirements.