Integrating Xello in Subject Area Classrooms

Xello productXello 6-12 Time31 minstvRecorded April 2023

When students see the connections between what they're learning to their future goals, they're more motivated to work on a plan to get there. Teachers are your future readiness program gatekeepers. They play a pivotal role in getting classroom time with students to creating this plan, but many often don't feel equipped in career development to have those exploration conversations with students.

Watch this recording to gain a few key ways you can help connect career exploration and classroom curriculum as shared goals, thereby promoting better student outcomes.

This session will help make career exploration related to school subjects easier, with:

  • Tools in Xello that help close the gap between classroom learning and supporting students with their after high school plans
  • Strategies to integrate your program into all subject areas (like math and science)
  • Practical lesson ideas that connect future readiness to a teacher's subject-specific curriculum

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Additional Resources

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    Xello ResourceSubject area teaching resources for Xello 6-12

    These subject-specific teaching resources help students understand why each school subject is important and relevant to their future success no matter what career path they choose.