All About Missions: Launch Event

Xello productXello 3-5 Time22 minstvRecorded February 2022

Xello's interactive Missions in Xello 3-5 encourage ongoing learning and reflection on a wide range of future readiness topics. They can be woven into curriculum plans, assigned as self-paced activities, and used as future-readiness progress milestones. Your students will uncover new skills and insights, and you’ll seamlessly strengthen their self-knowledge and career awareness with these ready-made Xello Lessons.

This winter, Xello released 3 new Missions (one in each grade from 3-5). Learn about the topics they cover and learning goals they achieve.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • What are Missions and how they work
  • Tracking Lesson completion and viewing your students' work
  • Strategies to help your students get the most out of Lessons

Additional Resources

  • pdfPDF
    PDFIntroducing Students to Xello: Scope and Sequence

    The Scope and Sequence document outlines recommendations for how to use Xello throughout each grade.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFLessons Pacing Guide

    Use this pacing guide to simplify your experience with Xello Lessons and supplementary resources. Topics for each grade level are sequenced for you, so you can see at a glance the order in which to deliver the curriculum.

  • short videoShort Video
    Short VideoIntroduction to Xello 3-5
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