Create Student Data Files

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Before you begin, for a reminder on the file structure notes and automating subsequent exports, check out Build Data Export Files.

Build the student data files by following the format indicated below.

School (.txt or .csv)

This file identifies all the schools in the district.

Column Name Type Description
SchoolCode char(15) Unique to district.
Name char(250) Full school name.
SchoolType Int 1 for secondary or high school
2 for elementary or middle school
3 for other
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LINC|Lincoln Secondary School|1
JOHNS|Johns Middle School|2

Student (.txt or .csv)

This file identifies all enrolled students that will use Xello in grades K-12. It must include the CurrentSchoolCode and PreRegSchoolCode.

The student CurrentSchoolCode and PreRegSchoolCode will be the same in many cases. However, when a student is transitioning from Grade 8 to Grade 9, or if they're transferring schools, the CurrentSchoolCode indicates the student's elementary, middle (or sources) school, and PreRegSchoolCode indicates the high school location the student will attend next year.

Column Name Type Description
StudentID char(15) Unique for the district (not just unique to the school). If this is not unique for the district, please inform your Onboarding Manager.
FirstName char(100) Student's first name.
LastName char(100) Student's last name.
Gender char(1) M = Male, F = Female, N = Not Specified.
DateOfBirth Date Format yyyy-mm-dd. Student's birth date.

Note: Ensure the format is entered correctly. Do not spell out the date.
CurrentGrade Int The grade the student is in.

Note: Use "0" for kindergarten.
CurrentSchoolCode char(15) The SchoolCode of the student's current school.
PreRegSchoolCode char(75) The SchoolCode that the student will be attending next year. If blank, we assume CurrentSchoolCode.
StateProvNumber char(20) The student's unique state or province ID.
Email char(100) Student's email address.
Password char(10) Suggested password for the student.
SSOStudentToken Speak to your Onboarding Manager about SSO Options and configuration.
PersonalStudentEmail char(100) Student's personal email address.
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