Build Data Export Files

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Build the data export files in your SIS in a .txt or .csv format. We recommend building and sending the student data files first so we can get students in Xello as quickly as possible. You can then send us the course data files to set up course planning.

File Structure Notes

  1. The files should be pipe delimited (|), where the separating character is a pipe (|) with no spaces before or after. Comma delimited .csv files are also accepted as long as commas are not used in the data.
  2. For each file, include the column names as the first line and in the order indicated for each file type.
  3. Each transfer should contain only one set of files for all schools.
  4. Name each file as indicated for each file type, and always keep these file and field names the same.

Automating Subsequent Exports

After data export files are built, we recommend automating subsequent exports on a daily basis. Districts have the option of automated transfers if they're capable of SFTP transfers to our servers. We welcome the opportunity to work with your IT department or SIS vendor to assist in this process.

noteNote: We recommend you automate your exports to the SFTP on a daily basis; if you do not have that capability, we can work with you on setting a schedule (weekly, monthly, set dates).

Files can be moved up to our servers nightly, weekly, or monthly.