Secure FTP with Xello

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Secure FTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This is a standard communication protocol used for the secure transfer of computer files from a server to a client or vice versa.

Xello uses SFTP to safely and securely transfer files with school districts.

noteNote: To have access to Xello SFTP, you will need a file transfer software installed on your computer (eg. FileZilla, Cute FTP, WinSCP).

Your Xello team will provide you with the SFTP credentials specific to your district. Only Xello and your district’s IT contact have access to these credentials.

To securely access Xello SFTP, open your file transfer software and enter the following:

Field Value
Host Provided by your Xello team (This is a host address which you will need to place in your file transfer software, it is not a website or URL)
Username Provided via email by Xello team
Password Provided via email by Xello team
Port Provided via email by Xello team
Protocol SFTP

Once you’ve connected to the server, you can begin transferring files. After placing new files on the SFTP software, please contact your Xello team to confirm the file transfer.