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Integrated Lessons in Xello 6-12


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This module will explore how Xello’s interactive lessons help students build critical skills and knowledge for real-world success while encouraging ongoing reflection.

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What’s in this module?


Lift Off: Deepen Learning with Lessons (3 minutes)

Watch how Xello’s interactive lessons can be woven into your curriculum, assigned as self-paced lessons, and used as milestones for program usage.

Dig In: Available Lessons (3 minutes)

Learn how lessons work, the future-ready topics they cover, and how to view which lessons have been assigned to your students.

Dig In: Lesson Resources (2 minutes)

Learn how to help your students get the most out of Lessons with complementary lesson plans, discussion prompts, and vocabulary lists for every Xello lesson.

Try It: Experience a Lesson (3 minutes)

Use your demo student account to explore the lesson content before your students do.

Wrap Up (1+ minutes)

A quick summary, plus additional helpful resources to share or to continue your learning

Recommended Prerequisite

blue book

Complete the module About Me and Resume Builder

green book

Go through the module Goals & Plans

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