Learn About Xello 6-12
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Use these resources to get to know Xello 6-12. Check out Xello Academy where you can complete a course with certification on how to roll Xello out to your students. Alternatively, follow along with a Student Experience Walkthrough, or one of our short video playlists.

Xello Academy

Explore Xello with confidence. Use Xello Academy to build the knowledge you need to take your college and career readiness program to the next level through on-demand courses.

  • academyXello Academy
    Xello Academy for Xello 6-12Are you a middle or high school educator new to Xello 6-12? Get to know the program, explore how it works, and access key resources.

Xello Walkthroughs

New to Xello? Want a refresher? Looking for a quick walkthrough on what your students will experience when in Xello? Use these modules or handy, downloadable PDFs with actionable checklists to walk you through the major sections of Xello.

  • Student Dashboard & Orientation
    Student Dashboard & Orientation

    This module will explore the functions and features of the student dashboard and provide an orientation of your demo student account.

    students with educator13 minutes
  • Student Assessments
    Student Assessments

    This module will explore how career assessments can help students on their path to self-discovery and introduce careers that are new to them.

    students with educator14 minutes
  • About Me and Resume Builder
    About Me and Resume Builder

    This module will explore how students capture their interests, skills, and experiences and use this knowledge to build a customizable resume.

    students with educator10 minutes
  • Explore Options and Goals & Plans
    Explore Options

    When you’re ready to help your students explore post-secondary options, use this module to learn how explore careers, schools, and majors in Xello.

    students with educator11 minutes
  • Explore Options and Goals & Plans
    Goals & Plans

    Learn how students bring their explored options full-circle by creating an actionable plan with achievable tasks and pathways.

    students with educator15 minutes
  • Lessons
    Integrated Lessons in Xello

    Use this module to explore how Xello's interactive Lessons helps students build critical skills and knowledge for real-world success while encouraging ongoing reflection.

    students with educator12 minutes
  • Portfolios module
    Portfolios in Xello New

    In this module, learn how Xello enables students to create an organized digital collection of work, whether it's a collection of external resources or their own work.

    students with educator12 minutes


Not interested in reading? Want a quick, high-level understanding of how some of the features work? Then buckle in and watch one of our short videos.

  • pdfYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistEducators and Xello 6-12

    Visit this playlist to watch short videos on key features in Educator Tools in Xello.

  • pdfYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistXello 6-12 Students

    Share this playlist with your students to help them quickly learn the ins and outs of key Xello features.

  • pdfYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistXello 6-12 Students - Spanish

    This playlist includes all the student-facing videos and short tutorials in Spanish.

  • pdfVideo Playlist
    Video PlaylistXello for Families

    Share this playlist with parents and guardians to introduction them to Xello Family and give them a walkthrough on how to use their account to view student work.