Get started with transcripts and recommendation letters

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In Xello, using the College Planning tool, students research the schools they’re interested in, build a plan, and then track the action items, deadlines, application progress, and admissions decisions for each institution using the College applications tracker.

Students request to have a recommendation letter written and sent to the institution of their choice. And track the progress of their request and the subsequent recommendation letter.

Once they know which institutions they'd like to apply for, they request their transcript be sent on their behalf, and can easily track that progress as well.

College Planning page open in student account, Create New Application button highlighted
Students create a college tracker to monitor the progress of their applications

A guided request experience instills confidence and quality. Students are guided through requesting key documents like academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. Relevant tips teach students how to write high quality requests that can be sent, tracked and saved within Xello.

Student writing a recommendation letter request
Tips and guidance help students write a recommendation letter request
noteNote: If your school does not have Transcripts or Recommendation letters enabled and you’re interested, contact your Xello Success Manager.

Meanwhile, in their educator account, educators import student transcripts, view the latest transcript and recommendation letter requests, send the necessary documents to the institutions, and track their progress.

They can view student requests, upcoming due dates, and tasks that need to be completed by navigating to the College Planning page.

Educator cursor clicking on College Planning
Accessing College Planning from the left menu

You can enable transcript request notifications via email for educators. Educators with notifications enabled will receive a daily summary email with the number of requests they've received from students. Check out this one-pager on how you can enable email notifications for educators: Admin quick guide on transcript request notifications new tab.

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