Create Family Data Files

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Before you begin, for a reminder on the file structure notes and automating subsequent exports, check out Build Data Export Files.

Build the family data files by following the format indicated below.

Family (.txt or.csv)

This file identifies all parents or guardians for enrolled students who will use Xello in grades K-12.

Each parent/guardian will be on a separate row.

Column Name Type Description
FirstName char(100) Parent/guardian first name
LastName char(100) Parent/guardian last name
Email char(100) Email address for the parent/guardian

Note: Parent/guardian accounts require an active email address. An empty email field or a default filler email address will prevent parent/guardian access.
StudentId char(15) The unique Student ID for the student
SourceParentId char(15) Unique for the district (not just unique to the school)
Phone char(20) The parent/guardian phone number
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FirstName| LastName|Email|StudentId|SourceParentId|Phone