Interests Assessments (Matchmaker)

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There are three interests assessments, beginning with Matchmaker. These assessments have students considering how they feel about different situations. The situations can range from working with animals, to seeking out and analyzing information, to working with electricity or electronics, and many more. Their ranking choices range from Like Very Much to Dislike Very Much.

Students' answers are correlated to activities and aspects of each career in Xello. Students are then given a strength of match to the careers. The results take into account both students' preferences and how central each aspect is to that career.

Students are introduced to a wide range of careers they might not have known about but which often align with their interests. In turn, this prompts students to explore careers they may not have considered previously.

The three interests assessments in Matchmaker are:

  1. Matchmaker (phase 1) - the assessment that gives students their first set of career matches based on their interests that relate most strongly to central aspects of careers.
  2. Personality Style (phase 2) - this assessment is based on the Holland Model and matches students with careers that are most popular with professionals with the same personality styles.
  3. Mission Complete (phase 3) - career matches are further fine-tuned with this final interests-based assessment.

For a quick overview of how students experience the Matchmaker assessment, watch this video below and then it share with your students.

Understanding Your Career Matches | 1:45
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