Run Reports on Course Planner

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Xello's powerful Course Planner tool helps you and your students build a four-year high school course plan. Students use it to track their progress with a graduation diploma or specialization. Xello integrates with your school's information system to ensure accuracy and to make the planning process quick and seamless for all involved.

In your Educator Account, run reports to assess your students' progress in planning their four-year courses, their diploma and specialization progress, or quickly see a summary of any alerts in your students' course plans.

The following reports are available to run:

  • Submission Summary
  • Student Count by Courses
  • Student Count by Diploma
  • Student Count by Specialization
  • Specializations by Student
  • Courses Pending Approval
  • Students without Preregistration
  • Student Course Planner Summary
  • Graduation Plan Completion
  • Critical Alerts
  • Specialization Completion
  • Exemptions ReportNew

To run a Course Planner report:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Reports and select Student Work.
    left menu open in educator account. Report dropdown open and Student work being selected
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    left menu open in educator account. Report dropdown open and Student work being selected
  2. Scroll to the Course Planner Submission card, and click the Select Report dropdown to choose which of the reports you'd like to view.
  3. Once you've opened and viewed the report, you can select a different one from the dropdown at the top left of the list.
TipTip: Narrow the data on the list to zero in on the information. From the top right of the list, click Filters, choose the filters to add and click Apply. To add or remove table columns, or to export the table to a spreadsheet or .csv file, click Data Options.
How to run a course planner report