How students work with surveys in Xello 6-12

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Once students have been assigned a survey, it will be immediately available from their dashboard, the first page they see when they log in to Xello. Students click View all surveys to see the full list of all the surveys they've been assigned.

Student dashboard in Xello with the Surveys section highlighted
Students access assigned surveys from their dashboard.

Surveys that are overdue will be shown as top priority. Next will be the newest surveys with a New badge, followed by the surveys due soonest. To get started, they click the Take survey button.

They click Save if they want to leave and return to it later. All of their progress will be saved. They can access it again from the Surveys section where they'll click Continue to resume filling it out.

Example of a student survey in Xello. The survey is called Student Evaluation. The questions are What did you find most challenging this school year? And What are your next plans?
Students fill out the questions and click Submit.

Once they're done, they click Submit. If the survey is set up for multiple submissions, they can access it again from their list of surveys. They'll click Retake survey to complete and submit it again.