How Students Work with Lessons in Xello 3-5
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Xello’s interactive lessons make it easy to infuse future readiness across subjects, with clear directions and opportunities for discussion.

Students access lessons from their dashboard, easily return to unfinished lessons, and review their work.

Learn how students:

Access Lessons

Students access their lessons from the Student Dashboard, the first page they see after logging in.

Once they've opened a lesson to begin, if there are necessary prerequisites that must be completed, the lesson will be "locked" until they've completed those activities.

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Return to an Unfinished Lesson

Students can quit a lesson at any time by clicking the Done button in the top right corner of the lesson screen. Xello will save their progress.

Once they've left a Xello lesson, they can view their level of completion by looking at that lesson on their dashboard.

To return to the lesson:

  1. From their Student Dashboard, students locate and click the lesson they want to resume.
  2. The lesson will pick up exactly where they left off and they can continue from there.

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Review their Work in Lessons

Once they’ve completed a lesson, students can go back and review their work. They'll be able to see all the questions and how they answered each one. Encourage your students to review their reflection answers later in the year. Have their thoughts changed?

To review their work in a completed lesson:

  1. From their Student Dashboard, students click on the card of the Lesson they wish to review.

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