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Many of the lessons have prerequisite activities in Xello that students must complete before they can start the lesson. For example, in order to start the Facing big challenges Mission, students must have added at least 1 achievement.

These prerequisites are used to personalize the lessons so that students can engage with and reflect on content that is meaningful to them. To help your students get even more value out of the prerequisites, check out the supplementary Xello activity lesson plan resources also linked in the table below.

FYIFYI: Prerequisites can also be added to custom lessons. To learn more about custom lessons in Xello, start with About custom lessons.

View the table below for a quick summary of the prerequisites for each Xello lesson, along with relevant supplementary resources:

Mission Grade Prerequisites Xello activity lesson plan resource
Interests 3 Save 3 Interests
School subjects 3 Rank School subjects
Managing big feelings 3 None
  • None
Why people work 3 Like 1 Career
Skills 4 Save 3 Skills
Goal setting 4 Add at least 1 Goal
Tools for success 4 None
  • None
Problem solving 4 None
  • None
Learning and future success 5 Like 3 Careers
Facing big challenges 5 Add at least 1 Achievement
Learning paths 5 Like 3 Careers
Starting a business 5 None
  • None
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FYIFYI: For a deeper dive, including recommended completion time and learning objectives, check out List of Lessons in Xello 3-5.

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Additional resources

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    PDFIntroducing students to Xello: Scope and sequence

    The Scope and sequence document outlines recommendations for how to use Xello throughout each grade.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFLessons pacing guide

    Use this pacing guide to simplify your experience with Xello Lessons and supplementary resources. Topics for each grade level are sequenced for you, so you can see at a glance the order in which to deliver the curriculum.