Mass export and print student profiles

userEducator & Xello admin Xello productXello K-5 Time3 minutes

Compile multiple student profiles into one PDF for easy record-keeping and printing.

To mass export student profiles:

  1. From your educator account, click Students and select Student list to open the list of all students at your school.
    Click to enlarge
  2. From the top left of the list, click the Selected (0) box to select all the students in your list.
    student list with all students selected
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    • Use Filters at the top right of the screen to narrow the student list.
    • If you apply a filter, only the students you filtered will be selected.
  3. From the top right of the list, click Data options to open a dropdown. Next to Export PDFs, click Create to open the Options window.
    student list with all students selected
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    student list with all students selected
  4. From this window, select whether you'd like to include a signature line, and how you'd like the PDF exported.
  5. When you've entered all your options, click Export to generate the PDF.
    • Large requests may take more than an hour to generate.
  6. Once the file is ready, you'll receive an email. From that email, click Download to be directed to the Xello login portal.
    • This download file will remain active for 2 weeks.
  7. After you've logged in to Xello, a card on your dashboard indicates that the file is ready. Click Download to begin the download process.
    • To download the file again, click again on the link in the email.
noteTip: If it seems to be taking too long to export the PDF or to receive the download email, try exporting fewer students for a faster response. Try 50 students at a time.