Data Integration with Sungard eSchoolPLUS (through PowerSchool)

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Xello securely exchanges data with Student Information Systems (SIS) through data integration. It's required to create student accounts in the program, and automatically takes care of tasks like deactivating, transferring, and updating student accounts, as long as the information in the SIS is kept up to date.

Scripted Integration

The method of exchanging data with Sungard eSchoolPLUS depends on if you’re using course planning in Xello. If you need to pull both student and course data files, we recommend doing so through a scripted integration. To set this up:

  1. Log in to Sungard eSchoolPLUS (versions 3.1 and higher)
  2. Go to Utilities > Third Party Integration > Career Cruising Upload/Download to find and export the student and course data files.
  3. Your Onboarding Manager will send you Xello’s SFTP credentials. Once you’ve exported the files, connect to the SFTP to upload them. Let your Onboarding Manager know when the upload is complete.

API Integration

If you’re not using course planning (student data only), Xello can exchange data with SunGard through an API integration. To set this up:

  1. Email eSchoolPLUS (through PowerSchool) from their support page new tab. Put “Xello Data Exchange” in the subject line and request the activation of the Xello-Sungard API.
  2. eSchoolPLUS will correspond with Xello to confirm the data exchange. Your Onboarding Manager will then confirm with you when the setup is complete.