Create and manage educator accounts
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As a Xello Administrator, one of the critical things you’ll do is create and update educator accounts so that the right people have access to the right tools and information. If you’re a Xello administrator at a school, you can create accounts for your school. If you’re a district administrator, you can create accounts for your district or any of the schools within it.

Create an educator account

Educator accounts are manually added to Xello. Only educators with administrator access can add and deactivate educator accounts.

FYINote: If your school is set up with the enhanced data integration subscription service, then your school's user accounts are automatically added and routinely updated. Accounts you manually add will be overwritten by the data integration. If your school does not have this service, or you'd like to learn more, reach out to your Xello Success Manager.

To add an educator account: 

  1. From your educator account, click Educators to open the list of all educators.
    Left menu in Xello. Educators is highlighted with cursor hovering over
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    Left menu in Xello. Educators is highlighted with cursor hovering over
  2. From the top right corner, click Add educator.
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    noteNote: If you don't have administrator access, you won't see this option.
  3. Enter the educator's email address and follow the on-screen instructions. You must set the educator's access level and then you can select further permission options.
FYIFYI: Even if an educator already has an account, they can be added to another institution. You can access all of your associated sites under the same login.
How to add an educator account
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Access multiple institutions

Educators who work with more than one school can easily access all of their institutions in their account.

When you add an educator to a school who already has an account at another school (using the same email address), you’ll just need to select the permission level for the new school.

TipTip: Educators can have different permission levels at different schools.

In your educator account, view and focus on one school or institution at a time. If you're an educator or counselor at multiple schools, you can switch between the different institutions as needed.

To view a different institution:

  1. In your educator account, from the top right of any page, click your name and select Change institution.
  2. View the list of institutions you have access to and click the one you'd like to view.
    • Your account with that institution will open.
How to view a different institution in your Xello account

Educator permissions

Xello has three educator access types, each providing a different level of access to program settings and student information.

To check your own permissions, click your name in the top right corner of your educator account, select Profile, and view the Permissions section.

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Administrator access

Administrators make sure the program is configured to meet student and educator needs. Administrators can change system settings, Add an educator account, Assign a student, Transfer a student account between districts, or Transfer a student account within a district, and access all features and student profiles. Each site should only have 2-3 administrators.

User level access

Users work with students or other educators. Users cannot change system settings or create new educator accounts. These users can access full profile details for all students at their institution. This is the most common access type.

Limited access

Limited access educators work with small groups of students and require access to only those student profiles. These users can see directory information (name, grade, student number) for all students; they can only access the full profiles of students for which they have an approved educator assignment.

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