Two-Way Messaging
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Use Xello's Two-way messaging to quickly and easily communicate with students in Xello 6-12. Send a message in-context from a variety of locations in your educator account and receive an email notification when a student has replied.

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Access Your Message Center

Your messages are housed in a central location where you can view all unread, opened, and previously sent messages, and craft and send a new one. A red notification dot on your avatar in Xello will indicate if you have unopened messages.

To access your Message Center:

  1. From the top right of any page in your Educator Account click on your name and from the dropdown select Messages.
    Educator avatar menu open with Messages selected
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    Educator avatar menu open with Messages selected
  2. The Inbox tab opens to view unopened and read messages. Click the Sent tab to view messages you've sent.
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In-Context Messaging

While in your Educator Account, keep an eye out for the Send Message button located at the top of any list of students. After selecting the students you want to message from the list, use this button to pull up an action window where you can write the message and add any necessary attachments before sending.

In-Context Messaging

Examples of where the Send Message button is accessed include:

  • The Student List and each student's profile
  • Assignment list and each Assignment profile
  • List of Student Groups and each Group profile
  • Any returned list of students from a report
  • The Student Course Plans list
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Read and Reply to Messages

When a student has replied to a single or group message you've sent, you'll receive an email with the content of their reply. To view and reply to the message, click the link to login to Xello and land on the message in your Message Center.

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Permissions and Access

A few additional notes about messaging in Xello:

  • Messages can be sent to students in grades 6-12.
  • Admin and User access types can message all students at their institution. Limited access users can message their assigned students.
    FYIFYI: To learn more about educator access and permissions, check out Educator Permissions.
  • Students can only initiate messages to their assigned educators.
  • Students can reply to a message sent from any educator.
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