Course Planner Alerts

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While filling out the course planner, you or your students may receive an alert on the course you’ve chosen. An alert is a notification that there is a conflict, a prerequisite missing, or additional information pertaining to the course. If an action is needed, clicking on the alert will provide options to resolve the conflict.

Red Alert

If there is a red circle with a white dash through the middle, that means there is a conflict with the student’s course plan. Clicking on the Red Alert will bring up a modal window with directions to resolve the alert. Possible conflicts include:

  • The student is missing a prerequisite for a course.
  • The student is missing a corequisite for a course.
  • A course requires approval from an educator before they can submit the course.

Blue Alert

Blue Alerts - a blue circle with the letter “i” in the middle - provide additional information of interest about a course. You don’t need to do anything about a Blue Alert; they will not restrict a student from submitting their course plan. Clicking on it will open a modal window with further details, such as:

  • Advisor course note, such as fees for field trips, lab materials, or supplies.
  • The student is fast tracking and may be taking a prerequisite in the same year as the course.
  • The student doesn’t meet the recommended minimum mark threshold.

White Alert

If there is a white circle with grey dash through it, a Red Alert has already been resolved and you can view what action was taken. The White Alert also allows you to undo the action that was taken while it was a Red Alert.