View the Course List

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The Course Planner tool has a list of every course created. View the list to see basic information such as the course code, the grades the course is applied to, and how many credits it's worth. With a deeper dive, view the description, course notes, disciplines, rules, and more.

To view the course list:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Features and select Courses & Diplomas.
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  2. From the Courses & Diplomas page, select Courses to open the full course list.
  3. To look for specific courses, click in the search box. Select a discipline from the list, enter a discipline name, or start typing a course name or code.
TipTip: Narrow the data on the list to zero in on the information. From the top right of the list, click Filters, choose the filters to add and click Apply. To add or remove table columns, or to export the table to a spreadsheet or .csv file, click Data Options.