Teaching Resources for Xello K-5
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Looking for resources to help you implement Xello with your students and their parents/guardians? Check out our Xello Teaching Resources! These resources include lesson plans to support Xello Lessons further, information to share with parents/guardians, extension activities that build on the work students are already doing in Xello, and other shareable resources.

Planning Resources

Use these resources to help you plan how you'll deliver Xello in the classroom. Understand the order of Xello Lessons using the Scope and Sequence guide. Use the pacing guide to help you plan your lessons with supplementary resources, prerequisites, and more.

  • pdfXello Resource
    Xello ResourceIntroducing Students to Xello Elementary: Scope and Sequence

    The Scope and Sequence document outlines recommendations for how to use Xello throughout each grade.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFHow to Implement the Xello K-5 Program

    Use this guide for tips on how to implement Xello K-5 in the classroom. Learn how other educators have delivered the program with their students.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFLessons Pacing Guide for Xello 3-5

    Use this guide pacing guide to simplify your experience with Xello Lessons and supplementary resources. Topics for each grade level are sequenced for you, so you can see at a glance the order in which to deliver the curriculum.

  • pdfXello Resource
    Xello ResourceASCA Mindsets & Behaviors and Xello

    Xello's future readiness model helps meet the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success. These documents highlight the specific components of Xello that support these learning objectives.

Supplementary Resources

These supplementary resources work alongside you and your students as they work in Xello. Use them to further build on what they're learning and exploring.

    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCEExtension Activities for Xello K-2

    These extension activities support the work your students are doing in Xello. Use them to help introduce and build on Xello activities.

  • pdfXello Resource
    Xello ResourceIntroducing Career Town

    Use the resources on this page to help introduce Xello K-2 and Career Town to your students from kindergarten to second grade. The video and the handout will help get students started!

    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCELesson Resources for Xello 3-5

    These resources can help you and your students get the most out of Xello's Lessons. These resources come with discussion prompts, vocabulary, and activities to support each Xello Lesson.

    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCEXello 3-5 Activity Lesson Plan Resources

    These resources to help introduce Xello activities to your students. Use the inquiry prompts and teaching strategies to successfully roll out Xello with your students.

    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCEExtension Activities for Xello 3-5

    Use these extension activities to help you implement Xello in the classroom. These activities can be used to introduce and build on work your students are doing in Xello.

Resources for Families

Use these resources to introduce Xello to your students' parents & guardians.

  • xello resourceXELLO RESOURCE
    XELLO RESOURCEWelcome Families to Xello

    Check out this page with all the resources you need to introduce Xello Family to your students' parents & guardians.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFParent/Guardian Letter

    Use this letter to provide an overview of Xello for Parents and Guardians. Share this with your parent community.

  • short videoshort video
    short videoXello for Families
  • short videoshort video
    short videoWelcome to Your Family Portal