Get started with scholarships in Xello

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Move scholarships out of your filing cabinet or spreadsheet and into Xello, allowing students to quickly find relevant and valuable scholarships they can apply to. Using pre-set form fields, you can easily add local scholarships into Xello, increasing scholarship exposure and making it easy for students to view, compare, and apply.

Scholarships in Xello consist of a combination of national, institutional, state, and school-added scholarships. Students will be given an initial set of scholarship matches, based on their state and grade. Once they complete a short profile, they'll be matched with more scholarships.

Matches are determined by how much the answers in their profile match the information in each scholarship. Once students have found a scholarship they’re interested in, they add it to their Saved scholarships list and track their application progress.

Confetti when a student marks a scholarship as Won.

Here are a few resources to check out and share with educators so you can support students as they are matched with and browse through scholarships in Xello.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFScholarships guide - student guide New

    Give this guide to students to help them find and track scholarships in Xello.

  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceAdd scholarships

    Learn how to add or edit local scholarships for students to find and apply to.

  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceHow students find a scholarship

    Learn how students search for and get matched with scholarships posted in Xello.

  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceRun reports on saved scholarships

    Learn how you can track how many students are interested in which scholarships.