How students find a local scholarship

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Local scholarships in Xello provides students with the tools and information they need to make the search process easier and more efficient.

Students search for scholarships by name or by keywords in the description. Upon opening a scholarship, they’ll see information such as requirements to apply, deadline, award amount and more. They’ll also see the Knowledge hub which has curated information, articles, and media to bring valuable information at every step of the application process.

Once they have found a scholarship they’re interested in, they add it to their My scholarships list and track their application progress.

How students find a local scholarship:

  1. From their dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Planning.
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  2. Under Local Scholarships, they click Search for Local Scholarships.
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  3. In the search bar they enter the scholarship title or relevant keywords.
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  4. From the search results, they click on the scholarship to view more information.
  5. If they’re interested in applying or tracking it, they click Save.
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TipTip: Students can later access their list of saved scholarships. From College planning, they click View my scholarships .
How students find local scholarships