How Students Update a Scholarship Status

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Once they’ve begun adding scholarships to their My Scholarships list, students can easily access all their favorite scholarships in one place. This list includes at-a-glance information such as scholarship deadline, amount, and the student’s status for each scholarship.

Students update their own application scholarship status to keep track of the ones they’re interested in, the ones they’ve applied for, and the ones they’ve won.

In your educator account, you can view and run reports on the progress of your students’ scholarship applications.

FYIFYI: For more information on running reports, check out Run Reports on Scholarship Applications.

How students update their scholarship status:

  1. From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Planning.
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  2. Under Local Scholarships they click View My Scholarships.
  3. Next to the scholarship they want to update, they click Options and choose between I applied, I won, and Remove from list.
    • If the scholarship has been made inactive by an educator, the scholarship will be tagged Unavailable for the student. To stop tracking the scholarship, the student clicks Remove from list.

When students select I won, they celebrate with a display of confetti across their screen!

How students update a scholarship status