Change a Student's Graduation Diploma
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A graduation diploma is the set of course requirements that students need to complete in order to receive their diploma. Many schools offer multiple graduation diplomas, and you can change a student’s graduation diploma in their course plan.

Each student can only have one assigned graduation diploma.

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Change a Student's Graduation Diploma

To change the graduation diploma of your student:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Features and select Courses & Diplomas.
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  2. Click Student Course Plans to open the student list.
  3. Locate the student whose graduate diploma you'd like to change.
  4. Click in the checkbox to the left of their name.
    tipTip: To filter and select multiple students, click Filters to narrow the student list by several options, such as grade, or group. Then click Apply.The student list is narrowed by your filter option. Click the Selected (0) checkbox at the top of the list to select all the students in your newly filtered list.
  5. From the top of the list, click the Assign Diploma dropdown, and select Assign Graduation Diploma.
  6. Select the graduation diploma from the available choices and click Assign.
How to change a student's graduation diploma

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View the Progress of a Student's Graduation Diploma

To view a student’s assigned Diploma and their progress so far:

  1. In the search bar located at the top of any page in your Educator Account, enter the student name or ID.
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    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
    tipTip: Alternatively, from the left menu, click Students and select Student List to browse the full list of students.
  2. Click on the student name. The About Student tab of their profile opens.
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  3. Click the Course Planner tab.
  4. From the Course Planner page, directly to the right of the diploma name, click the dropdown to show all the Diplomas and Specializations assigned to the student.
  5. Click on the title to view the student's current progress.

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