Apply an Exemption to a Student's Course Plan

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Occasionally a student is not subject to - or has already met - a requirement and so the course needs to be released from the student’s course plan. In Xello, this is called an Exemption.

You can exempt students from specific requirements so an accurate record of the student’s progress towards graduation is maintained. The total number of credits students need to complete is the same, but requirements will be switched out with an elective period.

Examples of exemptions could include, but are not limited to:

  • A language requirement has already been filled by virtue of the student being bilingual.
  • A student may have met two requirements in one course: both Math and Science requirements have been met with one course. One of the two requirements can be exempt so the student isn’t forced to repeat a subject.
  • Special or custom diploma requirements.

To exempt a student from a requirement:

  1. In the search bar located at the top of any page in your Educator Account, enter the student name or ID.
    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
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    Search bar in Xello educator account highlighted with cursor hovering
    tipTip: Alternatively, from the left menu, click Students and select Student List to browse the full list of students.
  2. Click on the student name. The About Student tab of their profile opens.
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  3. Click the Course Planner tab.
  4. Under the appropriate grade column of the student’s course plan, select the required subject you wish to exempt to open the list of courses in that subject for that grade.
  5. From the top left of the list, click Exempt requirement to remove this subject as a requirement for the student. Click Yes to confirm your choice.
    • Clicking this box again will reverse the exemption.
  6. From the top right corner, click Close to return to the course plan and see that the course is now exempted.
    • For the student, this course will show as “Exempted” and they will be unable to apply any actions to the course.
How to apply an exemption to a student's course plan