Add or Edit Sections in the Course Guide

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You can add, edit and remove sections of content to the Course Guide. This could include additional information or a message. For example, some schools choose to add a welcome message before the guide, others have opted to include the full description of the stategraduation requirements.

noteNote: Only those with administrator access can create or make these changes. To learn more about educator access and permissions, read the article on Educator Permissions.

To add, edit, or remove a section from the Course Guide:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Features and select Courses & Diplomas.
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  2. Click Course Guide.
    Course Guide tile highlighted on Courses & Diplomas page
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    Course Guide tile highlighted on Courses & Diplomas page
  3. Click Add New Section to begin entering content.
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  5. Under Show in Course Guide, switch the toggle to YES for the content of this section to be visible for anyone who views the Course Guide page.
  6. When you're done, click Save.
    • To rearrange where the section is placed in the guide, click on the section and drag it to its new place.
    • To delete the section, click on the trashcan icon.
  7. To check out how it looks and share it, click Preview & Share.
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    • The Course Guide opens in a new tab.
  9. Share the URL with others by clicking Share.
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Any changes you've made and saved, will immediately show on the shareable URL link's page.