Print a Student's Course Plan

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While Xello is digital, sometimes a printed version of student work is necessary - including the student's course plan.

Xello's printed four-year course plan includes credits left, selected courses, as well as space for Parent/Guardian, Student, and Counselor signatures.

To print a student's course plan:

  1. In the search bar located at the top of any page in your Educator Account, enter the student name or ID.
  2. Click on the student name to open the About Student tab.
  3. Click the Course Planner tab.
  4. From the top right of the Course Planner page, click Print to open the print preview of the course plan.
  5. From the top right of the print preview page, click Print.
FYIFYI: If you're looking to print more than one student's course plan, you can bulk export and print multiple student plans at once. Check out Mass Export and Print Course Plans to learn more.