Tips & Tricks in Xello WBL Opportunities
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Educators can utilize the full power of Xello’s platform to manage different workflows for their work-based learning program.

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Toggle Between Workspaces

As a WBL Admin, you can quickly toggle between your WBL Admin Workspace and your Educator Workspace. Utilize your educator account features to support your Work-Based Learning workflow.

  1. From your Educator Account, from the top right of any page, click your name.
  2. Next to Workspace: <data>, click Change.
    • If you're in the EDU Portal, this will say Workspace: Educator
    • If you're in the WBL Admin Portal, this will say Workspace: WBL
  3. You're returned to the Select Workspace page. Click the workspace you want to enter.

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Use Student Profiles to Determine Fit

Educators can determine Opportunity fit and work readiness by looking at a student’s profile. Search for a student by using the search bar located at the top of any page in your Educator Account. Type in a student’s name or number to bring up their profile.

Some parts of the profile to help determine Opportunity fit are:

  • Career and Cluster Matches: Does this Opportunity align with the student’s career goals?
  • Saved Interests: Based on their interests, do you think the student would enjoy this Opportunity?
  • Goals and Plans: Will this Opportunity support or enable the student’s goals and plans?
  • Message: Based on their profile, do you still have questions for the student? Send the student a message to speak further about this Opportunity.

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Use Groups and Assignments to Communicate with Students

Xello’s Group and Assignment features make it easier to track and manage the forms required for your Work-Based Learning program such as a permission slip, learning plan, or a reflection piece.

Workflow recommendations include:

  1. Add all work-based learning students into a group. If you’re unsure how to add students to a group, check out Create a Group more details.
  2. Create an assignment based on the form(s) you need. If you’re unsure how, check out Create and Edit an Assignment for more details. Some assignment examples are:
    • “Submit Signed Permission Slip for Your Internship”: Students can download the attached permission slip to have it signed.
    • “Build a Learning Plan”: Students must create a learning plan for their Work-Based Learning experience.
    • “Reflect on Your Internship”: Students must write a reflection piece based on their experience.
    • “Submit Your Experience Hours”: Students can read your instructions on how to upload their Experience hours and use this assignment as a reminder to complete the task.
  3. Monitor and track completion through the Assignment Report. For more details, check out Run Reports on Assignment Progress.

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Track Experience Hours

Track your students’ Experience hours through the Work Experience Report. Students upload their work experience as they normally would in Xello and include their hours in the What I Liked section. This way, you’ll have all your students’ hours in one column when you export or view the Work Report under Student Work. To learn more about the Experience Report, check out Run Reports on Experiences.

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